Set in the backdrop of Washington, DC, Ila's Diamonds is the espionage series with a female lead who is well, lethally beautiful and yes, in search of the relationship to change her life.  

Ila's Diamonds

ISBN 978-1-4343-5252-1

Ila's Diamonds is a story about a young African American female working for a clandestine arm of the government during the seventies and eighties.


It is an intriguing look at how a person can leave their comfort zone and find a meaningful life full of love, sacrifice, pain and joy. It also gives the reader a panoramic view of how one's circumstance does not predict one's outcome.  Finally, this book is about love and how we obtain it, nurture it, expound on it, and ultimately lose it. 

Ila's Diamonds II

ISBN 978-1-4490-6101-2

Ila's Diamonds II is the second book of a trilogy by Donna M. Gray-Banks.


It is a story about one woman's journey to find true fulfillment in her career, her life, and her loves. It is also an erotic look at emotional exploitation and meaningless sexual gratification that develops between men and women when true love is not the impetus for a relationship.

Ila's Diamonds III

ISBN 978-1-5462-7879-5

Ila slowly closed the door to the safe house apartment and slumped to the hallway floor. She thought, "How? Why does this kind of thing keep happening to me?" Her stomach bubbled, and suddenly, she threw up all over herself. She could not move. It was as if she were having a mini-nervous breakdown. The hallway went black, and for a moment, she had no idea where she was.


Ila is a beautiful, intelligent African American woman working with the FBI. She has been strong and brave her entire life, working hard to earn a place in a career field mostly run by men. Her love life, however, is in shambles. No matter what she does, she can't seem to get it right, going up against cheaters, liars, and jerks. She seeks fulfillment in more than her career; she wants a fulfilling romance, as well.


Ila also enjoys sex-which is what has gotten her into trouble in the past. Once she finally meets the perfect man, they get engaged, but he is hiding a big secret that borders on betrayal. What happens when sexual gratification becomes more important than love? Ila is about to find out through emotional exploitation and heartbreak while still seeking the real thing.

Ila's Diamonds:  The Trilogy

All three books in the series.  No need to wait for the next one to ship!